NCT 127 "LOVEHOLIC" Enclosed Bonus Serial Code Application Details on how to participate in "Online MEET & GREET" ・ Notice of scheduled implementation time!

Released on February 17th (Wednesday) NCT 127 "LOVEHOLIC" Enclosed Bonus Serial Code Application Details on how to participate in "Online MEET & GREET" and scheduled implementation time will be announced!

[Online MEET & GREET contents]
■ Online 1: 1 talk by member
[Online MEET & GREET implementation date]
Scheduled to start after 16:00 on Sunday, February 28, 2021
■ First half
* Each member will start at the same time
■ Second half
* Each member will start at the same time

[Online MEET & GREET application method, application period, winning announcement date and time]
1st by drawing lots: 2/16 (Tue) 19: 00-2 / 17 (Wed) 23:59
(Winning announcement: During Thursday, February 18)
2nd by drawing lots: 2/18 (Thursday) 13: 00-2 / 19 (Friday) 23:59
(Winning announcement: Saturday, February 20)
3rd by drawing lots: 2/20 (Sat) 13: 00-2 / 21 (Sun) 23:59
(Winning announcement: During Monday, February 22)
4th by drawing lots: 2/22 (Monday) 13: 00-2 / 22 (Monday) 23:59
(Winning announcement: During Tuesday, February 23)
* You can access each application form only during the application period. Please note that the application form is closed outside the period.

<Notes on participating in the event>
・ Detailed information will be sent to the winners by email.
・ Online 1: 1 talks by member will be held through the Zoo To participate, you will need to prepare your own terminal (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.).
・ Before participating, download the Zoo Thank you.
・ Please note that we cannot accept cancellations / returns after application due to your device, such as not meeting the Zoo
・ We will accept the winners to confirm their identity on the day of the event. We will contact you in the winning e-mail about "Preparation of ID card that matches the address registered at the time of application".
・ Please be sure to follow the instructions given in the winning email and cooperate with the operation of Zoo
・ There is an interpreter (Japanese ⇔ Korean) staff in the talk room.
・ During the event, you can take screenshots and record screens on the device you are using for the call, but please refrain from taking pictures or recording using other devices.
・ The event will be held with the customer's face open. Please note that. We will guide you one by one, so you will not be able to see the video of yourself participating from other winners.
・ Only one winner can participate. Participation and viewing by multiple people is prohibited. If we confirm the participation / viewing by multiple people, the connection will be terminated on the spot.
・ Since it will be an online event, you can participate from outside Japan as long as you have a stable internet connection.
▼ The following acts are strictly prohibited when participating
(1) Resale of event winning rights (including but not limited to Internet auctions and flea markets), transfer, lending, etc.
* Forgery, duplication, and other fraud is a crime. If found, we will refuse to participate in the event and notify the police.
* The right to win the prize for spoofing or resale will be invalidated, and participation of this artist in any event will be prohibited in the future.
(2) Harassment, slander, slander, intimidation, claims, requests, questions, etc. beyond the scope of common sense
③ Participation in the event by people other than the winners
④ Acts that infringe or may infringe the intellectual property rights of the Company or other companies
⑤ Acts that infringe or may infringe the property, privacy or portrait rights of our company or other companies
<Notes on application>
・ There is no difference in the number of winners / contents of the winners regardless of the period of application.
・ The serial code used for application cannot be by drawing lots
・ One serial code can be applied for one bite.
・ If you win, only the person who applied will be able to participate. We cannot accept the transfer of winning rights or the change of winners.
・ Please refrain from participating in multiple people.
・ Please note that the serial code will not be reissued under any circumstances (including stains, loss, theft, etc.).
・ Resale, copying, and counterfeiting of serial code and campaign participation rights are strictly prohibited.
・ We cannot accept changes or cancellations after application. Please be careful not to make a mistake when applying.
・ Campaign content and participating members are subject to change without notice.
・ After applying, we will send you an application completion email from "" or "". If you have set the email reception refusal (domain specified reception), please cancel the domain specified reception or set so that you can receive emails from "" and "".
・ We will not accept any inquiries regarding non-delivery of application completion emails or winning.
・ The application completion email cannot be resent.
・ Even if you do not receive the application completion email, the application is complete if the application completion screen is displayed.
* There are some inquiries such as not being able to send and receive emails with the mobile carrier email address, but if the application completion screen is displayed, the application has been completed. If you are worried, please prepare a free e-mail address such as gmail in advance and register it.
・ We will not be involved in any troubles between customers. Please note.
<Target products>
Released on February 17, 2021 (Wednesday)
NCT 127 Japan 2nd Mini ALBUM "LOVEHOLIC"
■ Mini ALBUM + Blu-ray Disc (with limited bonus video / A3 tabloid paper style booklet)
Price: 4,400 yen + tax
Product number: AVCK-79691 / B POS: 498806479691/5
■ Mini ALBUM (9 types by member / with photo book by member)
Price: 2,500 yen + tax
・ TAEIL ver. Part number: AVCK-79692 POS: 498806479692/2
・ JOHNNY ver. Part number: AVCK-79693 POS: 498806479693/9
・ TAEYONG ver. Part number: AVCK-79694 POS: 498806479694/6
・ YUTA ver. Part number: AVCK-79695 POS: 498806479695/3
・ DOYOUNG ver. Part number: AVCK-79696 POS: 498806479696/0
・ JAEHYUN ver. Part number: AVCK-79697 POS: 498806479697/7
・ JUNGWOO ver. Part number: AVCK-79698 POS: 498806479698/4
・ MARK ver. Part number: AVCK-79699 POS: 498806479699/1
・ HAECHAN ver. Part number: AVCK-79700 POS: 498806479700/4
■ Mini ALBUM + special teddy bear set (CD + NCT 127 original teddy bear + 3 design pin badges & paper stand with limited visuals)
Price: 8,000 yen + tax
Product number: AVZK-79689 POS: 498806479689/2
■ Mini ALBUM + CD clear holder (CD holder with limited visuals)
Price: 4,000 yen + tax
Product number: AVZK-79690 POS: 498806479690/8
■ [Fan club limited] Mini ALBUM + Blu-ray Disc (with limited bonus video / A4 size photo booklet)
Price: 4,000 yen + tax
Product number: AVC1-79703 / B POS: 498806479703/5
■ [Fan club limited] Mini ALBUM + special interior set (garland with limited visuals & tapestry with limited visuals)
Price: 5,000 yen + tax
Product number: AVC1-79704 POS: 498806479704/2
■ [Fan club limited] Mini ALBUM + acrylic stand (9 types for each member / acrylic stand using limited visuals)
Price: 3,700 yen + tax
・ TAEIL ver. Part number: AVC1-79705 POS: 498806479705/9
・ JOHNNY ver. Part number: AVC1-79706 POS: 498806479706/6
・ TAEYONG ver. Part number: AVC1-79707 POS: 498806479707/3
・ YUTA ver. Part number: AVC1-79708 POS: 498806479708/0
・ DOYOUNG ver. Part number: AVC1-79709 POS: 498806479709/7
・ JAEHYUN ver. Part number: AVC1-79710 POS: 498806479710/3
・ JUNGWOO ver. Part number: AVC1-79711 POS: 498806479711/0
・ MARK ver. Part number: AVC1-79712 POS: 498806479712/7
・ HAECHAN ver. Part number: AVC1-79713 POS: 498806479713/4
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